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Podcast Studio

Discounts Available for Members

Up to 4 people can record simultaneously and we have various audio and video options to suit your requirements. 

The home of emerging conversations, passionate debates and refreshing content, we look forward to hosting you. 

Up to 4 People

24 hour access



Fully Equipped

The below prices are for the equipment and room hire only, equipment will be set up by our team for your booking, but ensure you add an engineer to your session if you require additional support.


£65 per hour

-Audio files emailed to client


£85 per hour

-Lighting provided

-1 Camera angle

-Audio + Video files emailed to client


£110 per hour

-Lighting provided

-Two camera angles

-Audio + Video files emailed to client

Add an engineer to your session - £75 per hour

Have our team edit your podcast for you - £50 per hour


£600 per month – 10 Premium hours pre-booked per month

£850 per month – 10 Pro hours pre-booked per month

Podcast Premium Resident

10% Booking Discount

Podcast Pro Resident

20% Booking Discount

Click here to see our membership packages

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